BNC Venture Capital – Summer 2011, #2

John Jonelis
BNC Venture Capital

As I heard it –

Another well-attended BNC event with interesting offerings.

Branam Health – Mick Janson

Branam Health prevents tooth decay in children six months and older by replacing fluoride in toothpaste with an all-natural ingredient, Zylotol, made from blueberries, corn and birch.  The product is already in 700 stores nationwide including WholeFoods, HD Smitt, Kinray, and Cardinal Health.  Discussions are underway with Walgreens, CVS, and Kroger.  Other markets include independent stores and e-commerce.  The target is the sophisticated customer, willing to pay a premium.  This isn’t a technology play–the methods are well known.  Branam Health’s competitive advantage is distribution and speed to market.  They use no traditional media advertising—all social media. Can they capture this niche?

AsSeenOnPhone – Antonio Wells, CEO

This company creates instructional content to simplify technology for the consumer— a one-stop shop for all mobile technology.   This is an information product—both written and video content via smart phone. Buyers range from advertisers to major manufacturers to consumers.  They are website driven and get 72% of their traffic from search.  Membership is free.  Revenue is via advertising and direct marketing. Can they compete against large competition?


Imagine replacing  Dot-Secure offers a new technology to replace SSL security through a top-level domain name.  The secure website market is growing at 28%.
Between January and April, 2012, new top-level domains will be auctioned and set for the next five years and Dot-Secure has trademarks pending to protect the dot secure domain.  They plan to service web transactions and monitor users for behavior.  To do this, they manage DNS servers and sell secure domains.  Will they obtain their copyrights and successfully bid for the domain?

That’s what I heard. What did you hear? Your comments are welcome.


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