Again at this season, the haunting words of a favorite song come back to me:

“You don’t ask a drowning man if he wants to be saved,

When you know he’s sinking down—down beneath the crashing waves.”

 The lyrics go on to say that betrayal wears two faces:

  • What you say and do to bring another human pain.
  • When you refuse to act.  Though you know the good to do, you refuse to speak what’s right…

So let me say to you, Happy Resurrection Day—in the precious name of our risen Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

On Easter Day,

John Jonelis

From the lyrics of Charlie Peacock, the album THE SECRET OF TIME, by Sparrow.

Find the album on Amazon

Empty Cross.

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2 responses to “ANOTHER DROWNING MAN


    And a very Happy Easter Resurrection Day to you too, John. For it trulyis a HAPPY day!!!  All the best, Sharon

  2. John Jonelis

    Thank you Sharon!

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