Bill Blaire dictated this urgent tip.  I transcribe here it verbatim:

ToothpainRx Logo“Whadaya do when you wake up on a weekend with a horrendous toothache?  Yer gonna do almost anything, right?  But yer dentist, if you got one, ain’t around.  You gonna drag him outa bed?  You gonna pull him off the golf course?  Fat chance. 

No, you go to the emergency room, right?  Well, guess what.  If you do, you wait and wait ‘cause a toothache is low priority at the ER.  Besides, there ain’t no dentist there, so you’s building up a big bill for nothin’.  By now, the pain’s gettin’ real bad.  Whattaya gonna do?

Mobile Rescue

Dr. J Rosen - ToothpainRx

Dr. J Rosen – ToothpainRx

“In the future you’re gonna call ToothpainRx – the first virual dental ER.  Just dial up with your smartphone or computer.  An actual dentist looks at your problem usin’ yer webcam or a digital snapshot.  Unlike an MD, a dentist can legally prescribe pain meds and antibiotics without really bein’ there.  You get a prescription wired to yer local drug store and a follow-up appointment with a local dentist.

Is It Real?

“I think dis one’s gonna happen bigtime.  Hey, 13.8 M folks ain’t even got no regular dentist.  You know how long it takes to get one o’ them appointments?  Nobody’s serving this market.  This is a tech-enabled brick and mortar operation that most of us is gonna use at one time or another.  Simple.  Practical.  And it ain’t so easy to copy.  It took 2 years to develop this thing.  I asked if a big company can copy it fast and got this great quote:  “Nine women can’t make a baby in one month.”

Les Multack - ToothpainRx

Les Multack – ToothpainRx

How Do These Guys Make Money?

“They’re lookin’ at three revenue streams here.  They get paid by the patient.  They get paid for referring the dentists.  And they get paid to take nighttime and weekend calls.  It’s win/win/win. 

Will it work?  Hey, they only need 196 patients a day to break even.  If they only capture 4% of the target market, in three years we’re lookin’ at a company worth maybe $126 million bucks. 

How Does The Investor Make Money?

“They’re asking $2M for 48% of company with no dilution—one round and done.  We’re talkin’ 300% IRR for better than a 30x investor return.  When was the last time you seen a 30x return?

BNC Audience

BNC Audience

Wanna Know More?

“You can see the video of a real low-key pitch at   I saw a bigger presentation in private a couple weeks earlier and that one really got me revved up.  To contact Les Multack or Dr J Rosen, go to 

Yeah, I think it’s for real.”


Thanks Bill.  That’s all of it – verbatim.  You can find BNC Venture Capital at:





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