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Founders InstituteFounders Institute Comes to Chicago

Founder’s Institute will bring their incubator to Chicago.  This represents a disruptive model in the startup world because they don’t focus on raw ideas – they concentrate on the entrepreneur.  They search for leaders at the early stage and help train them.  This makes for an intriguing bookend in the traditional VC and Angel Capital world. Will otherwise overlooked young entrepreneurs get help?  Is Founders Institute a positive or a negative to the venture world?  You tell me. Founders Institute originated in Silicon Valley, has spread across the globe, and is ably represented in Chicago by Jason Jacobsohn.  773-368-0229   jason@jacobsohn.com 

Two Upcoming Events:

October 11, 6-9 pm – Chicago Startup Ideation Bootcamp – 114 W Illinois St, 3rd floor, Chicago  http://www.eventbrite.com/event/2154441994

October 2, 3 pm – How to Create a Social Media Strategy –  200 W Adams, Ste 2725, Chicago  http://www.efactor.com/smswchicago

That’s what I heard. What did you hear? Your comments are welcome.

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2 responses to “A DISRUPTIVE MODEL

  1. Janet Case

    I don’t get it. Why promote a fast-talking operator with no product?

  2. Jim Kren

    I think they concentrate on educating these people.

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