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The Incubation Factory


The INCUBATION Factory Comes to Chicago

Unlike traditional VCs or Incubators, The INCUBATION Factory seeks out the best new ideas from universities and think tanks. They stand at the opposite extreme to the disruptive model described in the previous column because they focus on the idea and then provide business management at the very early stage on a one-to-many basis. An inventor can go about creating the next big thing instead of becoming embroiled in the day-to-day grind of operating a new venture. The INCUBATION Factory boasts a 20-year track record of bringing companies to successful outcomes. This might be the other bookend to the burgeoning Chicago VC world. Find out more at their website:  You can get a nice overview from a video at

The INCUBATION Factory is represented in Chicago by Electio Investments and seeks capital through high-net-worth conventional portfolios rather than Angels or VCs. 200 E Randolph St, Suite 5100 | Chicago, IL 60601 – Contact Luke Perkins at 773-440-3322

That’s what I heard. What did you hear? Your comments are welcome.

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  1. Jim Kren

    I know a few university professors that can use this. They all have good ideas. None of them would make good businessmen.

  2. Janet Case

    Me too. Many, many of them.

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